9-4-2022 Coordinates Finalized and Targets Set!


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Comparative Error Analysis Workshop


Comparative Error Analysis Workshop

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Coordinates updated 9/10/2022 – Rev CP 8 & 9 only.


Comparative Error Analysis Workshop

(Workshop Signup Sheet)

For this workshop to be a success, we will need several conference attendees to agree to participate in the outdoor portion of the workshop. A signup list follows the various course activities defined below.

1. We will set up a test course around the Plaza, setting three primary control stations (with fixed MCS83 coordinates). We will also set up six secondary stations with unknown values. Some stations will be in accessible locations, with relatively open sky. Others will be in peripherally locations, with marginal constellation visibility.

2. We plan on having six groups of surveyors collecting data across the course. Each group will have a party chief (keeping notes) and other technician specialists, assisting with field procedures & data collection. We also need several surveyors to serve as field technicians for the collecting of data. There will also be some number of workshop hosts roaming the course, assisting with directions and other inquiries.

3. We will determine the groups before lunch, with instructions on where to rendezvous afterwards, to begin the data collection. Shortly after lunch each group will start the course at a different station and run the course in a clockwise direction. Commencement will begin with a pseudo shotgun start.

4. We plan on limiting individual observations to one-minute intervals (as additional epochs beyond that interval tend to offer minimal improvement in accuracy). The overall time limit for the session at each station will be around forty minutes. Ideally, this should yield around a dozen observations per group per station.

5. Participants in the outdoor course will also be invited to participate in a dead reckoning contest with prizes and may also receive an invitation to one of the limited attendance after parties.

After Workshop Happy Hour Event! Sign up and register 65th MSPS Meeting attendees!

Get access to our free after workshop happy hour event at Train Wreck Saloon at Westport. For all registered attendees, Seiler Geospatial will provide complimentary appetizers and drink tickets*

Note: * Appetizers and drink tickets will be offered to first 50 folks that register and attend.

When: October 6th, 2022

Time: 5:00 to 7:30 pm

Where: Train Wreck Saloon, at Westport. 314 Westport Plaza Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63146 

Also note:  O’Bar event at O’Fallon Brewery on Oct 7th, the event will be co-sponsored by Seiler and St. Louis Chapter MSPS.