September 23, 1806, St. Louis, MO: The group rose, was taken to the public store and furnished with some clothes, and an early breakfast with Col. Hunt, and departed for St. Louis down the Mississippi, and arrived at about 12 o’clock. Major Christy, an old neighbor of Clark’s family, had since started a tavern, and provided his store rooms for the group to stow all of their belongings. The invitation was accepted by Mr Peter Chouteau to visit his home and take a room.
Christy would later become secretary of the land claims commission, fight again in the war of 1812 and became the first Missouri state auditor.
Statue is on the riverfront in St. Louis, MO – The Captain’s Return. Inscription: At noon on September 23, 1806, the Lewis and Clark expedition ended on the St. Louis riverfront after a journey along the Missouri River to its headwaters, a passage of the Rocky Mountains, and a descent to the Pacific Coast via the Columbia River. Returning by roughly the same route, they arrived in St. Louis after two years, four months and nine days of exploring the lands and encountering the peoples of the American West.
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