September 1st, 1806, Calumet Bluff, Nebraska.
Clark expresses relief when a group of shooting Indians turn out to be Yankton Sioux. They encamp at the same place as on their outward journey exactly two years earlier. Gunfire was heard, and it turned out to be the Indians shooting at a keg. Gifts were exchanged and the expedition continued the next day.
The precise location of the Lewis and Clark camp near the land mark they called Calumet Bluff is impossible to ascertain and may even be inundated by the tail waters of the Gavins Point Dam and be in Knox County, but a careful study of the various sources indicates that it probably was about 1 mile west of Aten, in Cedar County. That area is typical Missouri River bottom land and is about 10 to 15 feet above the river below the bluff line. The privately owned site is cultivated.…/online…/lewisandclark/site30.htm