July 8, 2016

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far. Itís hard to believe that itís already half way through the year!It has been a great learning experience through our chapterís presentations by learning more about history, technology and procedures to improve our overall efficiency and quality of our surveys.

I wanted to thank Ed Owens and Philip Grout on putting on our June presentation on field procedures of 3D Scanning at the Art Museum in Forest Park. In September, we will be having a Part Two of this presentation covering the aspects of office procedures by utilizing the data that was captured at the Art Museum. It will be interesting to see how clear the point clouds depict the King Louis IX of France statue as well as the other statues that were located in front of the Art Museum.

If you check out our calendar of events you will notice that we had to move Dr. Dick Elginís presentation on Riparian rights from July to August 31st. Also, on August 20th, there will be an event held for the 200th anniversary of the Osage Treaty Line in Fort Osage, Sibley, Mo.This is a bicentennial celebration of the Line that is sponsored by the MSPSís History Committee. All are welcome to attend this event and more information is to come soon.

Also, If for any reason anyone has a change of email address or knows someone who would like to be added to our email listing please feel free to contact me (Brian Higgins on contact tab) and I will update our list to include you.

Thanks again for all the support and contributions that has been given to our chapter and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming presentations. As always, I ask for your continued support to make this profession grow stronger for this year and for years to come.


February 29, 2016

We just completed our Executive Board meeting and Iím very excited about the upcoming meetings we will be having in the coming months. I believe these meetings will be of high quality that will touch on subjects that are of great interest to our fellow surveyors.So please come out and support our chapter as we continue to offer presentations that promote education and awareness of our profession.

If you have a chance, please take a look at our meeting minutes to get a good overview of the old and new business that was discussed.Here is a list of our upcoming meetings for 2016 as well as potential meetings that may take place:


         Two part presentation of the History of the City of St. Louis presented by Bob Myers

         Two part presentation on Field and Office Procedures presented by Ed Owens and Phillip Grout

         Riparian Rights presented by Dr. Richard Elgin

         Washington Town And Country Fair 2016 - Fundraiser

         Seiler Instruments on New Trends of Survey Equipment (potential)

         New ALTA/NSPS Standards with Engineers Club (potential)

         Department of Agriculture (Land Survey Program) Ė Researching records (potential)

         Joint IL/MO meeting  (potential)

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the general membership for their support and contributions they made to our chapter. And I ask for your continued support to make this profession grow stronger for this year and for years to come. 


January 20, 2016
St. Louis Chapter MSPS Annual Directors Installation Banquet
Wednesday, January 20, 2016