January 17, 2018



· Annual Installation Banquet



February 21, 2018 – Board Meeting



March, 2018 – Chapter Meeting @ Simpson Park & Seiler Instruments


· No Minutes provided



April 2018


Members Present:

· Executive Board Present: Phillip Grout, Jim Exler, Bob Boyer.


· Others Present: Bill Conlon Jr, Chris Beasley, Patrick Bowman, Steve Borgmann, John Taylor, Jim Degenhardt, Tom Bryant, Pat Stack,


 Maureen Crawford, Randy Rosson, Jared Minnick, Phillip Wurm, Mike Sater, Dave Skornia, Jim Degenhardt, Tom Bryant, Pat Stack, Mike O’Gardy, Tom Seiler




· Tom Seiler of Seiler Instruments hosted the meeting.

· Meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM by Vice President Philip Grout.

· There were no previous minutes to approve.


Note: The meeting was started at Simpson Park but relocated to Seilers office due to the extreme wind and cold.


· Treasurer’s Report:

· Jim Exler reported that there is a balance of $1000 +/- in the bank and a little bit in PayPal.


· Committee Report:

· Refer to new business


· Old Business:

· Philip discussed that the Board met back in February to plan out the year events.

· Jim Exler discussed the following items;

· Possible raffle that may take place this year to help raise money for the Chapter since the membership has been declining.

· Stan Emerick might put together a presentation on the new Missouri Standards or possibly the new state plane coordinate changes coming in the future.

· Mark Frankenberg is working with both Elgin & Pavia for the annual BBQ this fall – either towards the end of August or the beginning of September.

· The January banquet will not be held at Spazio’s. We are going to find a new venue since the costs have gone up $200 every year and there isn’t the membership to support it. The date might also change to a Friday to make it easier not having to go to work the next day.

· We have also started working on a new website for the Chapter but this will take some time to get things ironed out. In the meantime Kurt Richeson will still take care of the old website.

· Email questioners will be going out to past and present members for their opinions on events, dates, etc


· New Business:

· Patrick Bowman joined through PayPal this weekend but it didn’t show up on the website. I told Pat that Kurt notifies me when there is a new member through PayPal. I will send the notice to Kurt and to also update the member list again.

· Check the Chapter website for future upcoming events.

· The Board is going to try and hold meetings every month even if there are no presentations..

· Jim Exler will send out the pdu’s for tonight’s presentation. Everyone needs to sign the list and add their latest email information.


· Meeting Adjourned:

· Motion was made by Jim Exler to adjourn.

· Seconded the motion by Steve Borgmann.

· Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM

· Special thanks to Pat, Tom, of Seiler for the facilities and food and beverages.


· Presentation:

· A presentation by Pat Stack on the Seafloor Hydrone portable survey boat(s) with regards to it operation and overview of capabilities, what works and what are the limits of capabilities. A question and answer session was held at the end. The presentation was almost two hours long and 2 pdu’s were issued to Chapter members.


· Minutes submitted by Jim Exler




May 2018


· No Minutes provided




June 2018


· No Minutes provided




July 2018


· No Minutes provided




August 2018


· No Minutes provided




September 2018


· No Minutes provided




October 2018


· No Minutes provided




November 2018


· No Minutes provided




December 2018


· No Minutes provided