January 20, 2017



· Annual Installation Banquet



February 24, 2017 – Board Meeting



March, 2017 – Chapter Meeting @ Seiler Instruments


Members Present:

· Executive Board Present: Chuck Quinby, Phillip Grout, Jim Exler, Stan Emerick, Bob Boyer.


· Others Present: Bill Conlon, J.T. Merseal, Chris Beasley, Maureen Crawford, Randy Rosson, Jared Minnick, Phillip Wurm, Mike Sater, Dave Skornia, Jim Degenhardt, Tom Bryant, Pat Stack, Mike O’Gardy, Tom Seiler




· Tom Seiler of Seiler Instruments hosted the meeting.

· Meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM by President Chuck Quinby.

· There were no previous minutes to approve.


· Treasurer’s Report:

· Jim Exler reported that there is a balance of $2140 +/-. There are still a couple of expenses to be paid (Eng. Club fee and balance of rifle to Mark Frankenberg). There is still some dues coming in to the Engineers Club and through paypal on the Chapters website. Also, Kurt Richeson has been depositing the paypal monies in smaller amounts to help save the fees that paypal has been taking.


· Committee Report:

· Refer to new business


· Old Business:

· Chuck provided the Governors proclamation for Surveyors Week. Maureen scanned the document and emailed it to all attendees.

· Chuck discussed what the Chapter Board went over in the February yearly planning meeting. The Board is still working on the upcoming events. Check the Chapter website for possible changes.

·The state has requested that the local chapters cut back on providing pdu’s since the attendance has been lower at the individual state functions. The pdu’s offered by our chapter will only be provided for the time or duration of the actual presentation. We will probably only have three or four presentations at the most during the year because of this.


· New Business:

· Stan Emerick is putting together a presentation with Charlie Tucker on “Railroad Right-of-Way” but that date is still in the works. Mark Frankenberg is working with Dick Elgin for a continuation of riparian rights. That will be in Washington, MO and BFA will BBQ at that event again (This will be the 3rd year). Last year’s turnout was one the largest so far. The Board is also looking into some non-pdu events or socializing events. Chuck will be sending out a flyer to all members past and present. This is also going to function as a membership drive to get more interest in our local chapter.


· Check the Chapter website for future upcoming events.


· Chuck and Stan mentioned that the Minimum Standards for Missouri will be changed to the Missouri Standards later this year according to the State Board.


· Tom Seiler introduced MikeO’Grady as their newest hire directly from Trimble. Tom also expressed gratitude towards the St. Louis Chapter and offered any help that would be needed for the upcoming year. Seiler also provided food and refreshments for the event.


· Meeting Adjourned:

· Motion was made by Jim Exler to adjourn.

· Seconded the motion by Bill Conlon.

· Meeting was adjourned at 6:20 PM

· Special thanks to Pat, Tom, Mike, Tom and Maureen of Seiler for the facilities and food.


· Presentation:

· A presentation by Pat Stack, Tom Bryant and Mike O’Grady on the Trimble SX10 with regards to it operation and overview of capabilities. Computer output information based on scanning, independent shots and what type of output can be expected was also shown. The presentation was just over one and a half hours and 1.5 pdu’s were issued to Chapter members.


· Minutes submitted by Jim Exler



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